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Meet the Global Cancer Team

The American Cancer Society's global program aims to eliminate cancer as a major health problem worldwide through programs that support local cancer organizations, hospitals and government ministries in their efforts to increase awareness about cancer prevention, international cancer advocacy and tobacco control.

Sally G. Cowal headshot

Ambassador Sally G. Cowal

Senior Vice President, Global Health

Evelyn Robinson headshot

Evelyn Robinson

Senior Administrative Assistant, Global Health

Jacqui Drope headshot

Jacqui Drope MPH

Managing Director, Global Cancer Prevention

Martine Chaussard headshot

Martine Chaussard, MPH

Program Manager, Global Cancer Prevention

Meg O'Brien headshot

Meg O'Brien, PhD

Director, Global Cancer Treatment

Laura Plattner headshot

Laura Plattner, MBA

Program Manager, Global Cancer Treatment

Amanda Schwartz headshot

Amanda Schwartz, MS

Program Manager Global Cancer Treatment

Justine Swindell headshot

Justine Swindell

Program Coordinator, Global Cancer Treatment

Kristie McComb headshot

Kristie McComb, MPH

Director, Global Capacity Development

Joe Mando headshot

Joe Mando, MPP

Program Manager, Global Capacity Development

Irena Pandzic headshot

Irena Pandzic

Program Coordinator, Global Cancer Prevention & Capacity Development

Navami Naik headshot

Navami Naik

Program Manager, Global Partnerships

Lauren Rosenthal headshot

Lauren Rosenthal, MPH

Program Manager, Global Partnerships