Global Cancer Advocacy

Putting Cancer on the Global Agenda 

Cancer is taking an enormous human and economic toll around the world. Yet, the disease is often overlooked and under funded. According to a report released recently by the Center for Global Development, in 2007, cancer and other communicable diseases received less than three percent of public and private funding for global health. Already, NCDs account for 63% of global deaths (36 million) of all deaths worldwide, according to the WHO. To redress the disparity, we collaborate with global cancer-fighting organizations and key international bodies such as the United Nations (U.N.) and the WHO.  The Society is uniquely positioned to lead advocacy initiatives and a global movement that calls for prioritizing cancer on the global agenda, and for increasing funding to fight this disease.  We helped advocate for the U.N. High-level Meeting on NCDs that will take place in September. This event marks the first time cancer and other chronic diseases will be meaningfully addressed by the U.N. as part of a larger global policy that recognizes the global NCD burden, and outlines a clear program for governments, the U.N. system, civil society, and development stakeholders to take action.To learn more about our advocacy efforts and connect with cancer survivors worldwide, visit our new Website.