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Global Health

Global HealthThe American Cancer Society is committed to saving lives from cancer and reducing the threat of the disease, not just in the United States, but globally as well. A staggering 57 percent of cancer cases and 65 percent of cancer deaths worldwide are in lower-income countries – 5.3 million deaths a year. Our global health program is focused on preventing cancer, saving lives, diminishing suffering, catalyzing a local response in the countries where we work, and shaping the global policy agenda.

The cancer experience in many lower-income countries is very different from the experience of cancer patients in the United States. The disease and its risk factors remain unknown to many, posing a real challenge for prevention and early detection. As a result, it often takes longer for patients to receive a diagnosis, with more than 80 percent of patients in advanced stages of the disease by the time they start treatment. Once diagnosed, the availability and accessibility of treatment are uncertain, and even basic needs, such as pain relief, are limited.

What We Do

We believe that the 100 years of experience of the Society can be leveraged to make a difference in lower-income countries. This is why we have chosen to work across the full cancer continuum, predominantly in national referral hospitals, often the only facilities where cancer is currently addressed. We seek measurable results in countries where Ministries of Health, hospitals and civil society partners can make the most significant impact.

Explore Global Health Resources

You can help make a cancer a priority worldwide by learning more about the growing cancer burden and its risk factors. Explore our most popular global health resources and references by clicking on the links below.

Get Involved in the Global Fight Against Cancer

If incidence rates don’t change, the global cancer burden is expected to increase to 19.3 million new cases and 11.4 million deaths by 2025, 68% of which will be in lower-income countries. Help us fight back by staying in touch, learning about our events, reading our blog, following us on Twitter or signing up for our newsletter.

Who We Are

Our work relies on partnerships with a number of organizations and individuals whose mission closely aligns with ours, domestically and abroad. In collaboration with our partners, our Global Health team strives to achieve measurable results toward our vision of a world with less disease, mortality and disability due to cancer.