Coping / Side Effects

Dealing with the Physical and Emotional Stress of Cancer

American Cancer Society Complete Guide to Family Caregiving, Second Edition

The Essential Guide to Cancer Caregiving at Home

Edited by Julia A. Bucher, Peter S. Houts, and Terri Ades

Paperback: $24.95 (Ca $27.95)

Everything you need to know about caregiving at home! Life changes in an instant when a person receives a cancer diagnosis. But life also changes for the caregiver. Whether a spouse, partner, adult child, friend, or other family member, the caregiver plays a crucial role. This practical, easy-to-use guide is an invaluable resource for anyone dealing with the challenges of cancer treatment and caregiving. The book includes information on a wide range of issues a family caregiver might encounter.

304 pages
Paperback, eBook formats
Pub Date: October 2011
ISBN: 9780944235003

Living Now Book Award, Gold Medal
National Indie Excellence Award, Winner
Apex Awards Grand Award, Winner
Next Generation Indie Book Award, Finalist
IPPY- Independent Publishers Group Award, Bronze Medal
USA Best Books Award, Winner

Rad Art

A Journey Through Radiation Treatment

Written and illustrated by Sally Loughridge

Foreword by Eve Ensler

Hardcover: $16.95 (Ca $18.95)

“The paintings are compelling and beautiful . . . . Almost any patient (male or female) or their family members could comfortably look at this work and find it applicable to their own situation.” —The Lancet. A diagnosis of cancer brings with it not only serious medical realities, but often an unfamiliar and daunting emotional landscape. To help steady herself during radiation therapy, Sally Loughridge created a painting and a journal entry each day after treatment. This book is an amazing resource to encourage expression, sharing, and connection between cancer patients and their loved ones. “Sally's depiction of her radiation therapy experience is illuminating to me as a doctor, and I hope that all who read this are as enlightened.” —Celine Godin, MD, MPH, radiation oncologist

96 pages
Hardcover, eBook formats
Pub Date: October 2012
ISBN: 9781604430929

Next Generation Indie Book Award, Finalist
Association Trends All Media Contest, Gold
USA Best Book Award, Winner

Cancer Caregiving A-to-Z

An At-Home Guide for Patients and Families

From the Experts at the American Cancer Society

Paperback: $14.95 (Ca $16.95)

The perfect quick reference for caregiving at home!
A cancer diagnosis is a life-changing event for the entire family, often thrusting key family members into caregiving roles that may be overwhelming. Designed to alleviate the stress of the caregiver, this easy-to-read, award-winning book details the many situations that can arise, while providing solid advice on how to deal with symptoms and warning signs.

157 pages
Paperback, eBook formats
Pub Date: May 2008
ISBN: 9780944235928

Benjamin Franklin Award, Winner
National Health Information Award, Silver Medal
National Indie Excellence Award, Winner 

Chemo and Me

My Hair Loss Experience

Written and illustrated by Tani Miller

Hardcover: $11.95 (Ca $12.95)

A fresh, upbeat look at the hair loss experience!  This colorfully illustrated book represents one woman's experience with hair loss during the ups and downs of chemotherapy. The book addresses the apprehension and fear that comes along with losing one's hair, providing an honest and ultimately optimistic look at hair loss.

48 pages
Hardcover, eBook formats
Pub Date: March 2009
ISBN: 9781604430097

Mom's Choice Award, Gold Medal
National Best Books Award, Finalist   

Imagine What's Possible

Use the Power of Your Mind to Take Control of Your Life During Cancer

Written by Jarrod Skole and Gary Skole

Hardcover: $12.95 (Ca $13.95)

Is your son or daughter fighting cancer? Then help them fight like a pro! When Jarrod Skole was 10 years old, he used the same techniques used by cyclists, gymnasts, football and baseball stars—even ballet dancers—to help him battle cancer and achieve his goal: to be cancer free! The technique is "visualization," and Jarrod created a way for kids to do it, too! This award-winning book can help your child get started. The book includes 17 easy and fun visualization exercises: some to help your child relieve stress, some to help your child fight pain, some to elp your child imagine a winning fight against cancer.

48 pages
Hardcover, eBook formats
Pub Date: June 2011
ISBN: 9781604430370

USA Best Book Award, Finalist

American Cancer Society's Guide to Pain Control, Revised Edition

Understanding and Managing Cancer Pain

From the Experts at the American Cancer Society

Paperback: $18.95 (Ca $20.95)

Learn the ten myths of cancer pain! Did you know that nine out of ten people can find relief from cancer-related pain? Learn about a variety of methods for pain control, and discover how to achieve the optimal balance between pain relief and potential side effects of pain medication.

256 pages
Paperback, eBook formats
Pub Date: May 2004
ISBN: 9780944235522

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