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Small Cell Lung Cancer

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Small cell lung cancer is also called oat cell cancer. About 10%-15% of lung cancers are small cell lung cancers. This type of lung cancer tends to spread quickly.


Learn About Small Cell Lung Cancer

Whether you’re worried about developing lung cancer, making decisions about treatment, or trying to stay well after treatment, we can help. Find detailed information in our Detailed Guide, or get a shorter, simpler version in If You Have Small Cell Lung Cancer.

Small Cell Lung Cancer Prevention and Screening

Tobacco use is the number one cause of lung cancer, but people who don’t smoke may get lung cancer too. Learn about the known causes of lung cancer, what you can do to lower your risk, and tests that may help find it early.

Small Cell Lung Cancer Treatment and Support

If you are facing lung cancer, we can help you learn about your treatment options and possible side effects, and point you to information and services to help you get through treatment and live well afterward.

Explore Research

The American Cancer Society is committed to relentlessly pursuing the answers that will save lives from lung cancer. In fact, the Society has been a part of nearly every major cancer research breakthrough in recent history.

Get Involved

You can make a difference in the fight against cancer by volunteering your time, participating in an event, or donating to the cause. Find out about all the ways you can get involved today.

Stories of Hope

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Read inspiring stories of people living with lung cancer.

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Online Support Communities

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Facing lung cancer?  Connect with others and get support through our online communities, Cancer Survivors Network and

Small Cell Lung Cancer in the News

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Read the latest developments in small cell lung cancer.

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