ACS Programs to Help You Stay Well

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Healthy Living Newsletter

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Breast Cancer Update

The American Cancer Society Breast Cancer Update is an electronic newsletter featuring new research and treatment breakthroughs, prevention and early detection tips and guidelines, and an inspirational story of a breast cancer survivor, caregiver, or volunteer.

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Community Health Initiatives

The American Cancer Society’s Community Health Initiatives are community based interventions implemented in collaboration with community partners who ensure access to culturally appropriate outreach and education, screening resources, and follow-up care.

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Circle Of Life

The American Cancer Society Circle Of Life program provides a holistic, culturally sensitive and interactive means for native and tribal communities, families, and individuals to learn about cancer. Topics include reducing cancer risk through healthy lifestyle choices, how different cancers are diagnosed and treated, coping with the emotional and physical side effects of cancer, caregiving, and coping with the end of life.

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ACS Skin Cancer Prevention Activities

The American Cancer Society engages in a number of activities to encourage people to take the steps that can help lower their risk of developing skin cancer. Learn more about initiatives including Slip, Slop, Slap and Wrap, Don't Fry Day, and our research here.

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Active For Life

Active for Life is a 10-week American Cancer Society program that uses individual and group strategies to help employees become more physically active.

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Meeting Well

Meeting Well is a planning tool offered by the American Cancer Society to help companies organize meetings and events with good health in mind.