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couple walking on beach

What's Your Sun Safety IQ?

Sun safety is not just for vacation. Are you sun-safe every day? Take the American Cancer Society's quiz and find out.


I can’t get skin cancer, because my normal routine (such as drive to work, hobbies, and vacations) doesn’t include a lot of time outdoors.


I should use sunscreen at football games, even though I only go (and get burned) once or twice a year.


If I'm wearing sunscreen, I can stay in the sun as long as I want.


A sunscreen labeled SPF 15 blocks more UV radiation than one labeled SPF 30.


It's safe to let my children stay in the pool all day if they slip on a T-shirt after a couple hours and reapply sunscreen to their faces, arms, and legs.


How often do I need to reapply water-resistant sunscreen?


Getting a "base tan" at an indoor tanning salon is as good way to prevent sunburn when I go to the beach later this summer.


What are some of the most common (and painful!) sunscreen mistakes?


Now put it all together. You applied sunscreen at 12:00 noon for an afternoon of reading beside the pool. At 2:00 p.m., which one of the following actions would best protect your skin?