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Treatment and Survivorship Research

The American Cancer Society funds and conducts innovative research focused on cancer survivorship and treatment. No single nongovernmental, not-for-profit organization in the US has invested more to find the causes and treatments of cancer than the American Cancer Society.

Survivorship and Quality of Life Research

Thanks to advances in detection and treatment, 15.5 million American cancer survivors are alive today, and the numbers are growing. Although research has begun to document the issues faced by cancer survivors, many questions remain. Additionally, quality-of-life issues among persons touched by cancer are not fully understood. The American Cancer Society is committed to answering these questions.

Health Services Research

The Health Services Research (HSR) program analyzes cancer treatment and outcomes using data collected from several national cancer registry databases. Research has focused on defining the role of health insurance in cancer diagnosis, treatment and survival disparities, and has also included studies examining the impact of race/ethnicity, quality of care and safety-net burden on cancer outcomes.

Palliative Care Research

The American Cancer Society is also committed to research directed at improving care for cancer patients and their families. This area of research focuses on relieving and preventing the suffering of patients by addressing physical, emotional, spiritual, and social concerns that arise with advanced illness.