When Your Child Has Cancer

The diagnosis of cancer in a child or teenager can be a devastating blow to parents and other family members who love the child. Cancer creates an instant crisis in the family. Here we provide information to help parents of children with cancer know what to expect.  Here we offer suggestions on topics such as coping with the diagnosis, dealing with financial and insurance issues, and nutrition for children with cancer.

Cancer In Children

From our Learn About Cancer section, this guide provides some general information about childhood cancers, including the most common types and how they differ from cancers in adults. (For more detailed information on specific types of childhood cancers, see the detailed guides in the Learn About Cancer section.

Children Diagnosed With Cancer: Dealing With Diagnosis

Here we offer information to help parents and loved ones of a child with cancer know about and cope with some of the problems that come up just after the child is diagnosed. We discuss common emotional responses to the cancer in both parents and children and share some ideas for coping.

Children Diagnosed with Cancer: Understanding the Healthcare System

When a young person is diagnosed and treated for cancer, both the patient and the family enter the strange, complex, and sometimes frightening world of modern medicine. Here we provide tips to help patients and families begin to understand and cope with the health care system.

Children Diagnosed With Cancer: Financial and Insurance Issues

If your child has been diagnosed with cancer, the last thing you want to think about is money. But families are usually forced to think about this issue sooner rather than later. Here we'll answer some of the most common questions about insurance and financial concerns.

Children Diagnosed With Cancer: Returning to School

It is important that children return to school as soon as possible after they're diagnosed with cancer. Children often see school as more than just a place for learning; it's also a place for fun and friendship. Here we offer tips to help make your child's return to school a smooth one.

Children Diagnosed With Cancer: Late Effects of Cancer Treatment

With the advances in treatment in recent decades, many childhood cancers are now cured. But the intense therapies often needed to treat these cancers can also cause health problems that may not show up until months or years after treatment. Learn about these possible late health effects and what you and your child's doctors can do to look out for them.

Childhood Cancer Survivorship Videos

A diagnosis of childhood cancer affects the entire family. These inspirational videos feature childhood cancer survivors and their families candidly discussing the good, the bad, the terrifying, and the joyful parts of childhood cancer diagnosis, treatment, and recovery.

Pediatric Cancer Center Information

Most children and teens with cancer in the United States are treated at a center that is a member of the Children's Oncology Group (COG). COG joined with the National Childhood Cancer Foundation to form CureSearch, an extensive guide to pediatric cancer resources. 

Nutrition for Children With Cancer

Nutrition is an important part of the health of all children, but it is especially important for children getting cancer treatment. This guide can help you learn about your child's nutritional needs and how cancer and its treatment may affect them. We also offer suggestions and recipes to help you ensure your child is getting the nutrition he or she needs.