Choosing Your Treatment Team

Finding the right health care team to treat your cancer isn't always easy. Here you can learn more about the types of health professionals who care for people with cancer. We also offer suggestions on finding the ones that are right for you.

 Choosing a Doctor and a Hospital

Once you have learned you have cancer, choosing your doctor and treatment center is one of the most important decisions you will make. Here we will give you some things to think about as you choose your doctor and hospital.

 Health Professionals Associated with Cancer Care

If you've been diagnosed with cancer, chances are that you'll meet many different medical professionals during your treatment. This list describes the health professionals that might be part of your care at some time during your cancer experience.

 How to Choose a Doctor - Worksheet [PDF, 22.51Kb]

If you have been told you have cancer, the next step is for you to make sure you get the best possible medical care and treatment. This worksheet provides some questions to think about as you look for a doctor that best meets your needs.

Talking With Your Doctor

It's important that you and your doctor are able to communicate well so you can get what you need. Here we provide tips that can help make it easier to talk with your doctor and other members of your health care team.

Children and the Health Care System

When a young person is diagnosed and treated for cancer, both the patient and the family enter the strange, complex, and sometimes frightening world of modern medicine. Here we provide tips to help patients and families begin to understand and cope with the health care system.

 Home Care Agencies

Through home care you can get expert, compassionate health care in your home instead of in a hospital or other facility.The choice of a home care provider is an important one for you, your family, and your doctor. To help you make the best choice, we review the types of home care agencies and suggest some questions you might want to ask.

 Hospice Care

Here we describe hospice care, which provides humane and compassionate care for people in the last phases of an incurable disease so that they may live as fully and comfortably as possible.