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About Hope Lodge Houston

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Cancer is a disease that affects almost every family in some way.  Being told “you have cancer” can cause great fear and anxiety.  We know—our own family has been touched by cancer, and you are never really prepared to hear those words.  A cancer diagnosis can be devastating no matter your situation, but low-income and minority patients are especially vulnerable when cancer strikes. 

Every year, thousands of people from across the country and around the world come to the Texas Medical Center to receive life-saving treatment.  When you combine mounting medical bills and interrupted employment with the expense of hotels, meals, and local transportation, it can become overwhelming.  Sadly, many patients who could be treated successfully either put off treatment until it is too late, or forego treatment altogether because they have no place to stay. 

The American Cancer Society is the oldest and largest voluntary health agency in the world—helping people with cancer for almost 100 years.  For more than 40 years the Society has opened its doors to cancer patients who must leave home to receive treatment.  The first Hope Lodge was founded in Charleston, South Carolina in 1970.  Today, 31 Hope Lodges are located near major cancer centers and hospitals across the country.  Each provides free lodging and transportation for patients and their caregivers in a uniquely supportive and home-like environment that addresses their specific needs.   

As part of its mission to save lives and relieve suffering from cancer, the American Cancer Society seeks to raise $30 million to construct and operate Hope Lodge Houston, a no-cost residence providing free lodging for cancer patients visiting the Greater Houston area for treatment.  This project is extremely important and its impact will expand across all borders.   

Along with President George Bush and Mrs. Barbara Bush, we are proud to help lead this effort in our community.  Thank you for your consideration to support Hope Lodge Houston.  We would be honored to have you join us as we help “Build hope and Touch lives”.  Should you have questions, please contact Sandy Biggers, Hope Lodge Campaign Director, at (713) 706-5640 or


Robert and Janice McNair                                 
Hope Lodge Houston Campaign Chairs

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Every year, more than 125,000 cancer patients from across the country and around the world come to the Texas Medical Center to receive life-saving treatment. When you combine mounting medical bills and interrupted employment with the expense of hotels, meals, and local transportation, it can become overwhelming. Sadly, many patients who could be treated successfully either put off treatment until it is too late, or forego treatment altogether because they have no place to stay.

As part of the American Cancer Society’s mission to save lives and relieve suffering from cancer, we are conducting a $30 million capital campaign entitled, Build hope. Touch lives, to construct and operate Hope Lodge Houston. The Lodge will become southeast Texas’ first and only no-cost, high quality residential facility exclusively for cancer patients who travel to Houston for treatment but have limited resources for lodging.

Hope Lodge Houston is anticipated to be the largest Hope Lodge in the nation, with multiple stories, 64 patient suites, and occupying more than 68,000 square feet. At capacity, it will offer approximately 23,000 nights of lodging per year, representing a combined savings to patients of over $3 million.

Some of the amenities of the American Cancer Society's Hope Lodge Houston will include:

  • 64 patient rooms, each with a private bath and television
  • Shared kitchen and dining spaces
  • Help-yourself pantry/pots and pans
  • Daily access to fresh linens and laundry facilities
  • A resource library with an Internet computer station
  • Family recreation rooms with chairs, sofas and television
  • Outdoor patio area and healing garden
  • Free on-site, easily accessible garage and surface parking
  • Free daily transportation to and from treatment centers

The Lodge will be conveniently located on Ardmore Street in the expanding Texas Medical Center. Hope Lodge Houston will also house the Society's staff and volunteers, enhancing the organization's ability to serve patients throughout the Greater Houston area.

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To date, we have successfully secured funding from some of Houston’s top foundations, as well as out of town support. We remain focused on securing additional dollars locally, regionally, and nationally. Special thanks to all of our foundation and corporate early lead supporters!

It is important to the community that as many donors invest in the success of the campaign as is possible. You can make a financial contribution to support the building of the Hope Lodge Houston online or through our campaign office.

To receive a naming opportunity for your gift of $50,000 and above, please click on the "Name Recognition Opportunities" tab below or you may contact Sandy Biggers directly at (713) 706-5640.

To make a donation now, please click on the "Donate to this Hope Lodge" button on the top-right portion of the website. If you prefer to mail your gift, please send your completed donation or pledge form to:

American Cancer Society
Attn: Sandy Biggers
2500 Fondren Rd., Suite 100
Houston, TX 77063

Checks should be made out to American Cancer Society with a memo or accompanying letter stating that the gift is for Hope Lodge Houston. Credit cards accepted include: American Express, VISA, MasterCard and Discover.

American Cancer Society Inc. is a 501c3 organization; federal tax id #13-1788491. Your donation is deductible to the fullest extent provided by law. Please consult with your tax advisor regarding specific questions you may have regarding tax deductions.

 Name Recognition Opportunities click to expand

Hope Lodge Houston is funded through community support. Funds donated will provide cancer patients traveling to Houston for treatment a free "home away from home" while they focus on their health. In recognition of their leadership gifts to the Hope Lodge Houston campaign, the following named recognition opportunities are available to our generous donors.


     HOPE LODGE HOUSTON CAMPUS                                      $ 12 Million

     HOPE LODGE HOUSTON                                                     $  6 Million 

     SOLD: Richard M. Schulze Family Foundation



     HOPE LODGE RECEPTION                                                  $  1 Million

     SOLD: Robert and Janice McNair Foundation

     LIBRARY                                                                            $  1 Million 
     SOLD: Bobbie and John L. Nau III

     NORTH LIVING ROOM                                                         $  1 Million 

     SOUTH LIVING ROOM                                                         $  1 Million 

     SOLD: Huffington Foundation


     DINING ROOM                                                                     $  1 Million 


     EAST KITCHEN                                                                    $  500,000 

     WEST KITCHEN                                                                   $  500,000 

     ACTIVITY ROOM                                                                  $  500,000 

     SOLD: The Robert R. and Kay M. Onstead Foundation


     GARDEN TERRACE                                                             $  500,000
     SOLD: T. L. L. Temple Foundation

     GARDEN FOUNTAIN                                                             $  500,000
     SOLD: T. L. L. Temple Foundation

     AMERICAN CANCER SOCIETY LOBBY                                 $  250,000
     SOLD: The Cullen Foundation

     PRIVATE MEETING ROOM                                                    $  250,000
     SOLD: The Cullen Foundation

     MANAGER’S SUITE                                                              $  100,000 
     SOLD: Sheila and Jerry Reese

     NORTH OFFICE                                                                    $  100,000
     SOLD: Drs. Jerry D. & Linda Gregg Fields/JD Fields & Company, Inc.

     SOUTH OFFICE                                                                    $  100,000 
     SOLD: H-E-B

     WEEKEND STAFF SUITE                                                      $  100,000 

     SOLD: The Tellepsen Family


     EAST PANTRY                                                                      $  100,000 
     SOLD: Amegy Bank of Texas  

     WEST PANTRY                                                                     $  100,000
     SOLD: Reserved    


     NAME 2nd FLOOR                                                                 $ 1 Million
SOLD: Gene and Jerry Jones Family Foundation

     BOARD ROOM                                                                      $  250,000 

     SOLD: KWS Foundation


     NORTH CONFERENCE ROOM                                               $  100,000
     SOLD: Diane and John Riley

     CENTRAL CONFERENCE ROOM                                           $  100,000
     SOLD: Joy Foundation

     SOUTH CONFERENCE ROOM                                               $  100,000
     SOLD: M.D. Anderson Foundation

     WEST CONFERENCE ROOM (Large)                                      $  100,000
     SOLD: Barbara and Roy Adams

     RECEPTION AREA                                                                 $  100,000
     SOLD: Foshee Family 


     NAME 3rd FLOOR                                                                   $  1 Million

     SUPPORT GROUP MEETING ROOM                                       $  250,000
     SOLD: The Ralph H. and Ruth J. McCullough Foundation &
                The William A. and Madeline Welder Smith Foundation in honor of Anne McCullough Shallenberger

     BEAUTY/BARBER SHOP                                                        $  250,000
     RESERVED: SportsRadio 610

     RECEPTION AREA                                                                 $  100,000
     SOLD: Joy Foundation

     NORTH COUNSELING/MEETING ROOM                                              $  100,000

     SOLD: Susan G. Baker & James A. Baker, III


     SOUTH COUNSELING/MEETING ROOM                                               $  100,000  

     SOLD: Susan G. Baker & James A. Baker, III



     NAME 4th FLOOR                                                                   $  1  Million  

     PATIENT DAYROOM                                                                $  100,000
     SOLD: IW Marks Jewelers 

     32 PATIENT ROOMS (15 sold, 17 available)                             $   50,000/EA 
     SOLD: Sondra and Toby Eoff
                JoLynelle and Matt Farinal/Lynco Flange & Fitting
                HWCG LLC - Don Weisinger Memorial Golf Tournament
                Haider Barbouti in honor of Suham Barbouti (Highland Village Shopping Center)
                Joy Foundation
                The Lyons Foundation
                Marathon Oil Corporation
                In honor of Janice and Robert McNair by their grandchildren
                Jeri & Marc Shapiro
                In memory of Joyce Lynn Stevenson Finding Hope (Moulton, TX)
                In honor of the Women of VICTORY, Houston
                James Reed Jordan (Ashley Walter & Sisters)
                In memory of Wayne B. Duddlesten, Sr.

                In memory of Joyce Lynn Stevenson Finding Hope (Moulton, TX)

                Houston Texans Foundation



     NAME 5th FLOOR                                                                   $  1 Million

     CHAPEL/PRAYER ROOM                                                        $  250,000 
     SOLD:  The Walter M. Mischer and Mary A. Mischer Foundation

     PATIENT DAYROOM                                                                $  100,000
     SOLD: George and Mary Josephine Hamman Foundation

     30 PATIENT ROOMS (12 sold, 18 available)                              $   50,000/EA
     SOLD: Amegy Bank of Texas
                Carol and Paul Beck/MacQuarie Group Foundation

                Joy Foundation
                Lawler Room
                In memory of Janice R. Koenig
                In honor of Janice and Robert C. McNair by The McNair Group
                Scurlock Foundation
                In memory of Ricky W. Koenig
                In memory of Wayne B. Duddlesten, Sr.
                In memory of Donald C. Rhodes (Barbara and George Bush)

                In memory of Sue L. Nguyen

                In honor of Kien Hoa Nguyen - Xuan Family

 Staff and Community Leaders click to expand

The American Cancer Society Hope Lodge Houston Capital Campaign is led by the following community members and staff:

Honorary Co-Chairs

President George and Mrs. Barbara Bush

Campaign Co-Chairs

Robert and Janice McNair

Advisory Council Members

Joan Dunlap
Community Leader/Volunteer

Robert “Bob” Easton
American Cancer Society, Harris County, former Chairman

Connie Haddox
Community Leader/Volunteer

Joanie Haley
Community Leader/Volunteer

Pam and Peter H. Jones
Community Leaders/Volunteers

Samuel Jones
Vice President, IBC Bank - Houston

Kate McNair
Community Leader/Volunteer

Paula Mischer
Partner, Mischer Investments, LP

Cynthia Urquhart
Community Leader/Volunteer

Theodore Yank, MHA
Associate Director for Administration, Dan L. Duncan Cancer Center
Baylor College of Medicine

Ex Officio Members

Holly Smith Alvis
The Robert and Janice McNair Foundation

Cindy Canevaro
The McNair Group/The Robert and Janice McNair Foundation

Tadd Tellepsen
Tellepsen Builders and Industrial

Temple Webber III
Temple Webber Photography

Staff Partners

Sandy Biggers, CFRE
Campaign Director

Jennifer Walker
Media Relations Manager

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Residency at a Hope Lodge facility is a courtesy extended at the sole discretion of American Cancer Society. All individuals who meet the Hope Lodge eligibility requirements will be welcomed regardless of race, creed, citizenship, physical disability, gender, color, ethnic heritage, veteran status, economic status, or sexual orientation. For admissions information, please select a Hope Lodge location.